Genesee County Radio Club

About the Genesee County Radio Club

The Genesee County Radio Club, Inc. (GCRC) was founded in 1933 in Flint Michigan by a group of amateur radio (ham) operators. From these early days, the club evolved into a group of citizens dedicated to communications excellence, right up to this day. Currently the group operates under the club callsign W8ACW. In addition the club operates 2 repeaters, one VHF and the other UHF. Also, the club holds a VE session at the Southern Lakes branch of Mott Community College on Thompson Road between Flint and Fenton. The club was awarded the Edison Amateur Radio Award in 1953 following the tireless work by club members following the devastating Beecher tornado in June of that year. Since that time, the club has participated in various emergency activities ranging from drills to traffic-handling for Operation Desert Storm, to support nets during the tremendous Midwest flooding during the summer of 1993.

GCRC provides a wide variety of programs and activities for its members. These include operating Field Day in June, the Michigan QSO Party in April and bringing in great speakers and offering ham radio classes to the public. Our annual holiday dinner and radio equipment auction are all enjoyable events!

Join Us For Club Night

Club Night Location and Time
During the School year, GCRC holds monthly meetings (Club Night) at the Davison Community Enrichment and Recreation (DCER) Building Room 106 on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.
During the summer months, the club meets at the Valley Coney Island (corner of Miller and Linden Roads) on the 3rd Tuesday starting at 6:30pm.

Directions to DCER
DCER offices are located at 1250 N. Oak Road on the north side of the Davison Alternative Education building, on the campus of Davison High School. The Davison Alternative Education building is just south of the high school. The Phone number is 810.591.0177

GCRC Club night is open to any and all who want to attend.

Please consider joining the Genesee County Radio Club

The Genesee County Radio Club has been serving the Greater Flint Community for 81 years. We own and maintain two repeaters located on top of Hurley Hospital that are open to any and all who wish to use them, you can find the details on the Repeater Page, our repeaters serve as back-ups to the local ARES group.

Our club website, repeaters, Field Day that we put on each year and annual operating expenses are fully funded by our membership dues. We also sponsor VE testing each month, with the exception of May, along with holding Amateur Radio License classes at the Davison Community Enrichment and Education Center by our members.

Please consider joining the Genesee County Radio Club. You can fill out a Membership Application and send it in to help us continue to provide service to both the amateur and public communities.

Getting Your License

The Genesee County Radio Club, Inc. (GCRC) sponsors amateur radio classes and ve test sessions throughout the year. Classes are taught during the school year at the Davison Community Enrichment and Recreation (DCER) Building, room and dates listed in the calendar below. You can take the Tech Practice Exam here and if you are still interested in learning cw even though it is no longer a requirement, you can start here.

***Technician and General Classes Now Available For Registration through the (DCER)***
Amy will be teaching the following Winter and Spring Classes for 2016, each class is from 6:30pm to 8pm on Monday nights and are 6 week for tech and 7 week for General.
“Upgrade Your Ham License to General Class” starting February 1st 2016.
“Get Your Ham Radio License” course for the Technician License starting April 18th 2016.
The cost is $35 plus study guide, we use the W5YI General Class book. You can also get the book locally at Dentronics.

You can register for the class by stopping by the DCER office between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. You may also mail your completed registration form (forms can be found in the brochure on the DCER website) with class fees to: Davison Community Enrichment and Recreation, 1250 N. Oak Road, Davison, MI 48423. If you are paying with Visa or MasterCard, you have to option to also fax your completed form to (810) 591-0174. All class and supply fees must be paid at time of registration.

(The GCRC co-sponsored) VE Test Sessions are on the 3rd Saturday of each month (no sessions in May, July or December) at 9:30am
Baker College of Flint – Tech Center
1050 W Bristol Road
Room S-103 (Break Room)
Flint, MI 48507