About K8KZB

Hello and welcome to my attempt at WordPress. I have been doing HTML, PHP and CSS Pages for a while and decided to jump into WordPress as an attempt to make my site more friendly across all platforms. Especially the Mobile and Tablet platforms.


First Licensed as KC0DNQ General class in 1998, I was granted K8KZB in 2001 and upgraded to Extra Class shortly thereafter. Along with my wife Amy (WA8MY), my father Terry (KB8ZB) and mother Cheryl (KC8LZM-sk), father-in-law Al (KD8DEU) and son Dylan (K0DMP) are also hams. My wife and I are both involved in the Genesee County Radio Club W8ACW and the Columbiaville Amateur Radio Club KT8Q.

Anyway please be patient as I learn this new way of web development.


Jeff K8KZB